Zodia can be printed by offset lithography, letterpress, flexography, gravure, screen process, thermal transfer, digital press applications and ink-jet processes, using standard commercial printing equipment. Most artwork can be printed on by offset lithography if it is designed for this Zodia and the preferred printing/converting equipment is used.

PANTONE® Matching System (PMS) colors can be specified, but the ink must be matched on Zodia. Always refer to PMS colors printed on uncoated paper (U) in the PANTONE® Color Formula Guide when selecting colors. Before printing Zodia for the first time, the printer should understand the characteristics of Zodia that affect printability.

UV-cure inks are being run routinely on Zodia by the sheet-fed lithographic process. These inks cure instantly and do not distort Zodia. UV-cure inks are readily available from most ink manufacturers.

Zodia can be processed in much the same way as paper or plastic films and on the same converting equipment. It can be slit and cut into sheets on most commercial equipment using conventional paper-cutting techniques. Zodia sheets can be die-cut using either steel rule (sharp edge) or male/female dies. Zodia can be used to manufacture tags that require perforation or punching.

With its strength and durability, Zodia is increasing the boundaries of packaging by giving manufacturers a product with added advantages over traditional paper cardboard packaging.