Our Company



Small but Mighty

We’ve been around for 35 years and have built a strong reputation in Canada. As a steady and stable manufacturer of NXP products in print finishing, bindings, office supplies, displays and equipment, a supplier of restaurant covers and synthetic paper under our Zodia brand, we differentiate through excellence in service levels and commitment to educating our resellers and their customers on the best possible solutions available. We offer solid quality products and competitive pricing.

We’re small in terms of employee size, but mighty in terms of heart and customer focus.



Our team is diverse, inclusive and believes in a strong sense of community and belonging. One thing we all have in common here is our love for our customers and recognizing we exist because of their continued loyalty to us.

While we’re not perfect, we strive to be better versions of ourselves everyday and make a lasting impact through driving innovation, surprise and delight and a curiosity to serve our customers in a memorable way.

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HOP Inc. exclusively sells and distributes Zodia™ paper.