Research & Development

Through research and development, we continually work to improve our current product offering as well as to produce new solutions. By communicating with our sales team and with the contribution of our customers, we can match new applications with existing products or we can develop a completely new product to fill their project needs.

Here are just a few of our recent innovations:

  • Zodia AQ – Synthetic paper for HP Indigo & other digital presses
  • Zodia LTX – Synthetic paper for latex inkjet printers
  • Zodia BKO – Synthetic paper with ultra block out
  • Zodia HTS – Synthetic paper with high tear strength
  • Zodia IML – Synthetic paper for in-mould labels
  • Zodia LŪM – Synthetic paper for backlit applications

Future possibilities in the works:

  • AQ in Increased Thicknesses + Lengths or Rolls
  • Coloured Synthetic
  • Dry Toner
  • Eco Solvent
  • Synthetic for Inkjet